How does it feel to work at Chalkboard?

How does it feel to work at Chalkboard?


Chalkboard is a UK-based startup that provides you with a second phone number just for work. No need for a second phone, and no call or text message charges.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

We’re a small but mighty experienced team, dedicated to creating a great culture of collaboration and communication. We’re a global team from various countries. What about me? I have been working as a JavaScript developer (Node.js & React) at Chalkboard for 4 months as a part of the Chalkboard engineering team.

Even in this short period, I have been impressed so much by the team having the values such as respect, good communication and collaboration. Everyone on the team is an expert in their field, and this gives us a chance to build an excellent discussion environment, strict code reviews - which is good to improve ourselves -, and clean code implementations. As a result, being a part of such a team, and working with experienced and professional people makes you enjoy your job.


It’s clear that collaboration is something valuable that leads every team to success. That’s why, when we need anything related to our work, we share, discuss it with teammates or ask for a hand respectfully. As a team, we help each other and are aware of the importance of collaboration. We decide together.

Not only with the same team like backend or frontend, but also we work very closely with the mobile and the product team to make the development process seemless and ideal. It enables you to improve yourself in terms of soft skills.

Discussions & Meetings

Since we are a global team and working fully remote, Slack is our office 😎 Thus, all of our discussions and short calls are almost happening on Slack. If we need a longer one with multiple people, we are using Meet as well.

Tech Stack & Development Process

We develop the backend with Node.js, TypeScript, and PostgreSQL. GraphQL between our apps and the backend. Each feature moves through product design, architecture, development, testing, and release. What will change, what affects the current working parts etc. We think of every detail of change and its consequences. Thus, writing documentation is an extremely important part of our work. We manage our tasks with a Kanban-style workflow in a tool named Shortcut.

We carefully review each other’s code and try to make the work better and better. I always think if you are not learning from the pull requests, you are at the wrong place. To be honest, I learn a lot from the pull requests and code reviews!

We have a mature test suite including unit, integration and e2e tests. That’s why we sleep well at night 😊 We endeavor to write a test for even any small change in the codebase.


I just wanted to express what I feel about working at Chalkboard. Really happy to be here with great people. If you are interested in working at Chalkboard, you can have a look the current job openings here.